The web site is under perpetual construction. It will be updated as things happen. The latest feature is an e_Store being added to the site. You can pay your dues, give donations to Children's Hospital or the Travel Fund, as well as buying Onions, Paying Golf Fees or anything else we have going on.

Building renovations are nearing completion.

There is a new Club being formed. It a cooking club. Gourmet Cooking and lesson's on how to do it!

The Caravan Newsletter

The Bahama Party was a big                      success!

 A big SHOUT OUT to Parry and his band, End Zone. They put on a fantastic show.

The Ahnaria Nile Club of the Daughter's of the Nile are collecting small toys, puzzles, etc. for the Hospital. Where is a box in the office for donations. This will be taken down there the next time someone is going to the hospital. A trip is being planned for a later date.

As we start gearing up for the Pine Wood Derby races There will be a mini shop opened in the gym to build cars. Available will be instructions and tools as well as basic car kits for the kits. Kits consist of a block of wood, wheels and axles. A band saw and other power tools will be available as well.